NYS Women's Suffrage Centennial 1917-2017

In 2017, it will be 100 years since New York State signed women's suffrage into law, three years before the United States passed the 19th Amendment. To commemorate this important heritage, Humanities New York will foster a statewide dialogue about the lasting legacy of women’s suffrage, and how it continues to shape American democracy today.
Votes for Women!

Elizabeth Cady Stanton An American Life

Click here for book selections which offer a window into this chapter of American social progress.

In 2017 it will be 100 years since New York State signed woman's suffrage into law, three years before the US passed the 19th Amendment. This was a milestone for the state and a transformative moment in American democracy. Equal opportunity is as important a topic today as it was when Susan B. Anthony was arrested in Rochester for attempting to vote.

This historical moment is the perfect time to frame a statewide discussion about the social, professional and political progress of women—and by extension, all citizens—in New York State. Through dialogue about our shared history and our common future, the New York State Women's Suffrage Centennial (The Centennial) will produce a statewide conversation that celebrates the accomplishments of the past while helping us become a more just and equitable society for all.

The Centennial will support activities and projects in every region of New York State to bring this history to life. Humanities NY's goals include:

  • Connecting contemporary concerns (civil rights, gender diversity, equality, and civic engagement) to the legacy of women's suffrage in order to deepen discourse and inspire civic engagement
  • Fostering leadership in younger generations of New Yorkers, particularly in rural, low-income, and traditionally under-resourced communities
  • Engaging diverse audiences, including groups who might not typically attend humanities programs
  • Coordinating cultural heritage tourism efforts to sites of significance in New York State
  • Building professional and organizational networks to help support Centennial activities


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Humanities NY is pleased to work with a variety of public and private partners to ensure the Centennial serves all New Yorkers. Sponsorship includes name recognition online and in print, and public acknowledgement at flagship events. Want to participate? Email Lauren Kushnick, Director of Grants & Partnerships at [email protected].