Colorful Stripes

Jewish NY: Making Crowds, Escaping Crowds: Life on New York’s Lower East Side with Dr. Sharon Keller.

Friedberg JCC 15 Neil Court, Oceanside, NY

n 1654 a small group of Portuguese Jews landed in what was then the New Netherlands and they settled in what was to become the Lower East Side. Some 250 years later, by the turn of the 20 th Century, the Lower East Side was arguably the most densely populated area in the world; jam packed with immigrants, mostly Jewish, from Eastern Europe. These new-comers and their families lived in cramped, crowded, often stifling apartments, and the streets were no better. Join us as we look at more than 100 years of life on the Lower East Side. We will […]


BOOK TALK | The American Pre-Raphaelites and the Hudson River School

Albany Institute of History and Art 125 Washington Avenue , Albany , NY

The Albany Institute of History & Art presents a book talk with Author and Curator Sophie Lynford on her book Painting Dissent: Art, Ethics, and the American Pre-Raphaelites. Her talk will follow how the American Pre-Raphaelites founded a uniquely interdisciplinary movement composed of politically radical abolitionist artists and like-minded architects, critics, and scientists. Active during the Civil War, this dynamic collective united in a spirit of protest, seeking sweeping reforms of national art and culture. This lecture explores how the American Pre-Raphaelites publicly rejected their prominent contemporaries, the artists known as the Hudson River School. Embracing models of landscape theory […]

“The Body as An Archive” Launch

Whitney Museum of American Art 99 Gansevoort St, New York, NY

In September 2023 we will host a public program at The Whitney Museum of American Art to celebrate the launch of this online platform and publicize the Oral History project. The program will feature edited highlights from a number of oral histories as well as a discussion facilitated by project lead and HIV-positive poet Cea (Constantine Jones). In conversation with Cea will be two long-term surviving participating artists, Shirlene Cooper and Marguerite Van Cook, as well as artist/archivist/educator Shane Aslan Seltzer and artist/educator Katherine Cheairs, who worked with Cea to conceptualize the project’s framework. “The Body As An Archive” has […]