Women's Suffrage Centennial 1920-2020

In 2020, it will be 100 years since the United States signed women's suffrage into law with the 19th Amendment. To commemorate this important heritage, Humanities New York will foster a statewide dialogue about the lasting legacy of women’s suffrage, and how it continues to shape American democracy today.

Humanities New York is bringing the people, places and ideas of the women’s suffrage movement to life.  From 2016-2017, Humanities New York awarded over $458K to New York tax-exempt organizations for Centennial themed activities that explore the diversity of individuals and ideas that contributed to this grassroots movement.  In particular, Humanities New York has supported projects that connect contemporary concerns (civil rights, gender diversity, equality, and civic engagement) to the legacy of women's suffrage.

Centennial Calendars of Events

Events inspired by the figures and history of women’s suffrage are happening all across New York. Here are a few comprehensive online calendars to get you started:

Humanities New York Calendar is a list of cultural and humanities events across New York State, including events funded by Humanities New York and that of our Centennial Partners. Event submissions are welcome for affordable public projects inspired by the legacy of suffragists in NY, particularly events that draw on the contemporary relevance of this history.

The New York History Blog, edited by John Warren, features news, upcoming events, and highlighting days of significance for Women's history and other themes.

New York State Women’s Suffrage Commission official website. Sponsored by Commission Chair Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul and includes a calendar of events open to submissions as well.

Women’s History, New York State: A listing of “Cultural Events, Sporting, Craft Fairs, Historical, Tours, Festivals, Workshop and more!” related to women’s history. This calendar is open to submissions.

Women's History Short Videos:

In partnership with WCNY, HNY produced 5, two-minute videos about suffrage history. These videos highlight the history of individuals and sites from the Central New York and Finger Lakes regions: Seneca Falls; suffragists Emily Howland, Matilda Joslyn Gage, and Frederick Douglass; and the 1816 Farmington Quaker Meetinghouse. These brief vignettes would make a great warm-up activity at the beginning of a lesson. They are available for free here and as a playlist on Humanities New York's YouTube Channel.